English demo

by Reasons

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This is our first almost fully English language demo. any feedback is highly appreciated!!!


released May 6, 2014

Mixed and mastered by Jay Maas ( getawayrecording.com)
Recorded at Mangee Studios (Kazan)



all rights reserved


Reasons Ижевск, Russian Federation

The band was formed in 2010 as melodic hardcore band, and turned into the metallic hardcore, or metalcore.
We wish you to stomp some heads, stagedive and singalong.
contact: anthonyxrezon@gmail.com

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Track Name: Empty Prayers
Who will you pray to?
if the earth is burned to the ground
whom you will beg for forgiveness
on a planet without life

Your actions
that's what you'll be judged for
and your prayers won't change
the global destruction

you're not the first,
you're not the last
each one of us will be swallowed by the time
but what's left, after us
stays up to us
Track Name: Chronos
I am the Time
the all-swallowing Chronos
I turned the mountains to sand
And the oceans to deserts
I don't give a fuck about the human beings
you're all the same to me
I'll cover ya'all with eternal darkness

I don't feel the pain
Don't feel the mercy

One last questions for you:
who should value your life
except you bitch?

a human tragedy
constant lack of time
to do what you wanna do
to say what you wanna say
the time will come after us
no time to wait
do it right now, do it right now
because time will come

do what you can't do
say what you can't say
and each second of it
will come after you
Track Name: The Journey (feat. Nikita of The Characters)
What will be in the end
heaven or hell
should I fear, or should I accept the fate?

what will be in the final,
darkness of bottomless pit
or a reincarnation

Life is a journey
full of different events
no one knows what will be in the end
value your life
you're alive you're alive
Track Name: Bonus: Paths of Victory (Russian version)
Our fates come together
repulsion inside of us
to the everything that we see everyday
do you feel this fresh wind?
it's time to step on victory paths!

We are the hatred, we are the rage,
we are the faith, we are the love
everything that burns inside
that is us, me and you

we will become those ones, that you are afraid to be
we will do the things, that you are afraid to do
Paths Of Victory That's Who We Are
Changes That's Who We Are

We are the hatred, we are the rage,
we are the faith, we are the love
everything that burns inside